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I can’t believe that this is even real. I’ve identified with being “the single girl” for so long now, that I almost can’t fully comprehend that this wedding that I am planning is actually mine. And can I be honest with you about something? There is a part of me that feels bad. Like I’m abandoning my single girl tribe that I have been part of for so long. Because I totally know what it is like to be that person longing to meet their future spouse, and watching everyone around them find someone while they continue to remain totally and completely on their own. So many moments of my life, that has just been hard. Even in seasons where I was content in my singleness, I never stopped wanting marriage. And so in some odd twisted way, I feel like I am letting my single girl tribe down. I never want to be the person that someone looks at and my life or circumstances makes them feel worse about their own. Single girls, I will always and forever be in your corner!

But I also can’t lie, this is totally a dream come true, and far beyond that, so many prayers answered. And so much more than I could have ever ask for or imagined. Because God is amazing that way. He sees us and knows us and He sees what we need more than we do. All those years of waiting and wanting a relationship were totally worth it for Bobby. And there are just so many pieces of our story that has God’s hands all over it, which is what I prayed for all along.

I’ve always dreamt of marriage, but I’ve never been that girl who has had her dream wedding all planned out. All I’ve known is I wanted it to be in my backyard, and that’s where it is going to be. I am not the most organized person, and definitely don’t have the attention for little details, so this wedding is not happening without our amazing wedding planner, Laura Crouch (if you’re in the DC, Virginia, Maryland area, look her up!!). She is helping us get everything in line and has already brought up so much that I would never have even thought about.

But this–asking my people to stand beside me–this is something I’ve been longing to do for a long time. Because the girls who will receive these boxes are my family, whether by blood or not. Being an only child, my friends became my family. These are my sisters. My people. My tribe. And there is no one else who I would rather stand up there with than these four amazing women. Bobby and I started planning parts of our wedding before we were even engaged, and the second I knew I was going to marry him, these girls knew as well. And they also knew that they would be in the wedding, so none of this comes as a surprise to them. But I still wanted to bless them with a cute little gift or “bridesmaid proposal.”

I thought I’d give you a peek into what I sent my gals!

The wedding will have a lot of neutrals, cause that’s just my thing, but I love love love gold, and found these really cute gold boxes on Etsy. In fact, most everything you’ll see in these boxes came from Etsy. I wanted to personalize them, so had labels made with their names on them. I also found the cutest invites asking them to be part of my bridal party that were also personalized. I love words, and basically was in a puddle of tears as I wrote personal letters to each of these amazing women to let them know the difference they have made in my life.

Now for what is INSIDE the box, besides the notes I wrote them.

Because a wedding is a celebration, I couldn’t help but put a special little bit of bubbly in the boxes. This mini peach bellini from Wilson Creek winery is such a yummy treat, and I love it because I have so many fond memories with my girls from afternoons spent munching on cheese and crackers and bacon wrapped dates while drinking a champagne slushie on a lovely day in Southern California at Wilson Creek. So not only is it a little bit of bubbly to celebrate, but also a little bit of memories and good times placed in there.

The last thing in the box are these beautiful bracelets with each girl’s initial on them. They are super cute, I even had to order one for myself! And just in case you are wondering, the crinkle cut ivory paper came from Amazon.

I still can’t believe all of this is happening, and I especially can’t imagine this special day without these ladies by my side!!

For those of you who have planned weddings, how did you go about asking your bridesmaids to be in your wedding?! I love hearing what others have done!

  1. Allie Kay

    January 11th, 2019 at 1:44 pm

    These are beautiful!!! I got really similar cards on Etsy, too. Etsy is just the best! My girls live in all different places and only two of the four know each other very well, so for something that would work for all four of them I wound up making photo coasters! Each one has a picture of the two of us together in the front, and a detail about the special day on the back. The last coaster had a little photo I made on Canvas saying “will you be my bridesmaids” – I absolutely loved how they turned out! Congrats on your engagement sweet girl!



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- kelly

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