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Athlete Getting Ready For RunningSo, working out.  I go through phases where I love it, where I plan my days around it, and then I travel or I get sick or I go through a funk and it throws the whole thing off, and it makes it so, so hard to get back into the routine again.  Ever since all my health issues last year, I’ve had the hardest time staying in a consistent workout pattern.  But the thing is, I feel so great when I workout.  I have a better attitude, my body feels better, and I just feel better about myself.  So why is it so hard?!

I’m done trying to make plans and schedules and start days, and ready to just go for it.  I have a summer of crazy travel ahead of me, but I’m done letting that get in the way.  I don’t even have any specific goals in mind other than simply starting–starting to get back into shape and taking care of the body that God has given me.  I’m all about natural health and eating well, but for some reason allow myself to miss this last component, and this is me calling that out and saying that is no longer okay.  So no more excuses, no more scheduling conflicts.  I’m not even starting a specific program or anything, I’m just saying that it’s time to work out and get in shape.  And I’m sharing that with the world because I need the accountability.

This is hard, though.  I share my heart so much in this space, and that takes a vulnerability that surprises me every time a new post is published.  But this, this is a whole other form of vulnerability.  One that is wrapped up in body image and self worth in a whole different way.  A whole different kind of vulnerability where I am exposing myself all for the sake of health and hopefully to inspire a few others just wanting to feel good along the way.  I can no longer preach the healthy lifestyle that I do, and not workout.  It’s just not okay.  So I’m baring all this personal information about myself to help me keep track and stay motivated, and hopefully find some support and friends along the way!

So I’m posting before pictures.  And measurements.  And it’s uncomfortable and scary, but I’m doing it anyway.  Because I want to mark the progress myself, and I just want to feel more comfortable in my own skin.  So grace, please.  I’ll be checking in every few weeks or so with new photos and and measurements and sharing bits and pieces of the journey along the way.  Here goes nothing.

workout 1 workout3 workout2 workout4 workout5Current Measurements:

Right Upper Arm: 11 3/4 in.
Left Upper Arm: 11 1/4 in.
Right Thigh: 24 in.
Left Thigh: 24 in.
Right Calf: 14 3/4 in.
Left Calf: 14 3/4 in.
Waist: 33 1/4 in.
Neck: 13 1/4 in.
Hips: 40 1/4 in.
Bust: 38 in.

I’ve been struggling with whether or not to even post my weight, not because I’m self conscious about it, but more because I truly believe that weight is just a number.  I’m not shooting to shed a certain amount of pounds or to weigh a certain number.  I just want to be in shape and feel better about my body, and just be more toned and committed to working out on a regular basis.  So as much as I’m keeping track of these measurements, that is one number I’m not going to worry about.  I think tracking the weight will get me far too caught up in that number, when in reality my body shape will never be stick skinny.  I’ll never have that thigh gap or ultra tight waist.  I’m just not built that way.  So I’m embracing who I am just as God made me.

Lately I’ve become so increasingly aware just how blessed I am to have my health.  I’ve been through my own crisis of sorts when it comes to autoimmune issues and infection and whatnot, and know how bad it could have been if we hadn’t discovered it all when we did.  My health can still be a struggle on a day to day basis, but overall, I am healthy.  I have access to good, nutritious foods that I love.  I live in a place that is pretty much tailor-made for my quirky diet.  And now, all in the name of good health, I need to get this last little piece of the puzzle in place so that I can run the race well with a body that can actually run the race itself because I can.

More than anything I hope to learn more about my God along the way.  Learn to find worship in the workout, and glorify Him in the way that I was made.  This doesn’t come easy for me in this area of my life, friends.  But I admire so many others that run and dance and swim and stretch all for the sake of His great name.  Praying that I can pick up on those wise ways 🙂

So here’s to good health and working out!  Would love to hear your own little tips and tricks/favorite workouts, etc. as well!!

  1. Lauren DeVries

    May 22nd, 2015 at 9:38 pm

    You are so brave!! I love this! I echo what you’re saying (I actually wrote a post for next week about this exercise thing…) – I want to get healthy, at the same time it’s so hard to get into a rythm. And then I start telling myself I can’t change – which is not true. I look forward to doing some changing along with you 🙂 Thanks for the added inspiration!

  2. Kelly

    May 24th, 2015 at 8:08 pm

    Thanks, friend!! 🙂

  3. Katie

    May 26th, 2015 at 10:17 am

    Girl!! Start following @holyyogaministries and @revelationwellness on Instagram, to help with the heart space and just start moving!!! I’m a Holy Yoga instructor and a YL oiler and I absolutely love helping women find worship in movement. Contact me any time! And we missed each other last year at Influence! Hopefully we’ll see each other this year! I too am recovering from chronic illness and emotional trauma with YL and diet and I think we are just sisters from the same Mister 🙂 You can follow me at @katiemgoddard or @the_katiedid

  4. Kelly

    May 26th, 2015 at 6:03 pm

    Okay, so I totally follow you on IG! I think we met in passing at Influence. I’m actually totally going to email you instead of just responding here! Thanks for the motivation and support 🙂



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- kelly

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