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It’s almost ironic in some ways that this little project that I have been working on is being released today. Friends, this has been a HARD season! Moving has been a lot to take in. And I’m not coping well with real winter. I miss my friends. I miss the sun. I miss the familiar. I am dreaming nearly every night of being in California, and waking up with actual tears streaming down my face when I remember that I am not there. Moving is a lot! It is truly winter outside, but also feels like a winter season in my heart.

I’ve walked through dry seasons before. Times when God has just felt so very far away. Times when it has been tough to hold strong to my faith when all I want to do is curl up and hibernate and wait for it to pass (like right now!!!). But I’ve also learned some things along the way. That even in the quiet of dry seasons, rest is not a passive event, but a true and enriching action that we need. And that even when all seems quiet and dim, that doesn’t mean our spiritual lives can’t also thrive.

So if you want to know some of the things that have really helped me to not only endure hard seasons, but to thrive in them, sign up below! I’m sharing five tips with you that have helped me to persevere through spiritual dry seasons. And man, truly taking all of these into account right now because this season is a tough one! Hope this will be an encouragement to you, sweet friends!

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