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LAUNCH-DAY copyI know I’ve hinted at it here and there, but I am now so excited to announce that my first Bible study is now officially released for pre-order! This study is my heart and soul in so many ways, filled with some hard and beautiful lessons that I have learned through my walk with God. It’s about wrestling with God’s truth in the midst of our circumstances and learning to find joy in the hard places. I can’t wait to share it with you! Keep scrolling to find a coupon code to enjoy 10% off!

SUBTITLE copyAll of us are on a journey as we live our lives, and always we walk through different seasons filled with ups and downs and everything in between. However it is those seasons when we feel alone and lost in a sea of pain that can sometimes stall us completely and leave us wondering what the point of it all is. Wilderness moments of our lives when all feels lonely and quiet and without any spark of hope or new insight. Moments of walking through the utter drudgery of despair and pain and suffering that threaten to drag us further into the abyss. This study is all about walking through these wilderness moments of our lives and tracing the hand of God in the arid places as He creates beauty out of our suffering and hardship–making life where all has felt dead and dry. A study about emerging from long seasons of pain and bondage and grasping hold of a freedom that is our birthright. He never wastes our suffering, my friend. Through this 30-day study, you will delve into many different Scripture passages and read many reflections on journeying through the wilderness, and my prayer and my hope is that you will encounter your mighty Savior fighting for you and redeeming every part of your story along the way!

SPECIAL-OFFER copyYou can order your copy here, or click “shop” up on the top menu bar. Enjoy this coupon code now through launch day on March 7th! All orders will ship on or before March 7th.


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