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Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 presetYou know what I’m learning the most about God’s promises?  We have to be willing to actually receive them, to take hold of what He offers.  To take the journey and live with palms wide open.  It’s not easy.  It’s not easy at all to receive the abundance that He offers.  But I want so badly to take hold of His blessings and proclaim them in my life.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Abram.  This man who at the time was just another among a clan of people that were idol worshippers until one day the One True God seemed to come out of nowhere in the drudgery of his life and change everything with a promise.  A promise that would turn this old man and his barren wife into a nation of many people that would one day culminate in the birth of a baby boy in a stable one night that would change the world forever.  But the promise also came with a command.  Do you know the first word that came from God that graced Abram’s ears?  “Go,” (Genesis 12:1).


Sometimes we have to step out first.  We need to leave the land of the familiar or certain traits and behaviors behind and be willing to live our lives differently and step out in faith in order to receive the promise.  And when we do–when we take the tiny step that often feels like a giant leap–we enter a land of blessing that we could have never fathomed without seeing it with our own eyes and in our own hearts.

“Go,” God told him.

“So Abram went,” (Genesis 12:4).

You know what caused him to step out that day?  He believed.  He believed what God had told him.  He believed that barrenness could turn into abundance and he was willing to walk the wilderness journey it took to get there.  Abram (exalted father) became Abraham (father of nations).  Why?

“Abraham believed God,” (Galatians 3:6).

I want to believe like that.  I read that verse yesterday and have been thinking on it ever since.  Abraham believed.  He just believed.  He believed and it was counted as righteousness.

This is the year where I learn to believe in deeper and fuller measure.  A season where God is tugging on my heartstrings and showing me that His promises are truly meant for me.  And with it will come so much freedom, so much joy.  A life of abundance.  It all comes with believing from the heart, truly believing.  That’s the only way to get to the land of promise.  That’s the only way to truly taste His blessings.  We must live by a very real, raw, active, personal faith.  Believe that what He says is true, that He really means what He says.  That He really loves us.  That He really wants us.  I want a belief like that.  It sounds so strange to say because it is so fundamental to having faith–belief.  But I want to believe like I never have before.  Believe that my past doesn’t define what my future will look like.  That new possibilities await me and God wants these things for me.  And that I can taste joy like I never have before.

It’s so much different than Abram thousands of years ago, but it is still a stepping out.  A stepping out in my own life and in my own faith where I am learning to truly believe and rest in God’s promises like never before.  Where I am learning to actually accept the blessings He so graciously wants to give me.  It’s been a slow process of me even becoming aware of what He is doing, but I can see it.  I can see how He is changing old patterns in my life.  How He is rewiring thoughts and actions and setting me up to embrace a brand new path that looks so unfamiliar to me right now but which is also filled with abundance.  His promises await, and my faith will grow in the journey.

I hope that at the end of my life, the same will be said about me.

Kelly believed God.

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