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10LOh Hawaii, I still miss you.  There is just something about those islands–a certain magic that they hold.  I love getting to explore them more and more.  After my trip to Maui (see pictures here and here) I went to Oahu to spend time with my family and be there for my cousin’s high school graduation (which makes me feel sooooo old!!! I remember when she came home from the hospital…).  Last time I visited them, they were living right in Honolulu after moving over from the Big Island.  Now they are settled in the Kailua area, and it is so gorgeous.  I got to explore more parts of Oahu that I hadn’t seen before, and also get some quality time with my family.  Here’s some more gorgeous photos of this gorgeous place!!

8L 7L

If you look closely, you can see Lanai on the horizon in the above picture.  The day was so clear you could actually also see Molokai and Maui as well.  This is from the day where I went hiking in flip flops and dress and became the person I usually make fun of, but I couldn’t miss it!!

4L 2L 3L 6L 1L

This beach was voted the nicest beach in America on the day that I got to enjoy it 🙂

11L 9L 12L

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