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mark1It’s time for another Spoken Sunday video!! Week two and my video skills have gotten WORSE! After which I spent many a minute You Tubing the best way to shoot video on my DSLR. My photography skills certainly don’t translate to video… In this video you can enjoy the couch being more in focus than I am, my dirty hair day go to hair-do, and me yelling at my dog partway through. Oh, and also a whole lot of good truth!

If you didn’t catch my last video, Spoken Sunday is a new series that I am doing where every Sunday I am reading aloud a different Scripture passage, and then sharing some insight from it and talking parts of it out–mostly what is impacting me in the moment. There is something that is so important about speaking Scripture out loud and proclaiming its truth over ourselves and our world. It’s how we fight back against the enemy and the darkness of this world. These words are powerful and true and everything.

So, please enjoy the video! Hopefully next week my skills will be better. I thought about reshooting the video after I saw the quality, but ain’t no one got no time for that.

  1. Kelsie Allison

    February 22nd, 2016 at 8:33 am

    Thank you so much for this! I have recently been focusing on leaning in to God and what he is saying to me. Your video was so refreshing. Isn’t it great to know that we are His beloved? Thank you again, this was beautiful!



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- kelly

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