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Photo-49There is something about walking through the throes of pain that connects us. It’s not a club that anyone really wants to be part of, but one which we all find our way in one way or another as the years go by. This place of tears and grief and mourning as the ones we love go before us and we have to figure out how to go on living without them. This community of the sorrow-bearers that I have been part of nearly all my life. The eleven months that will always be too short–those first eleven months of my life where my mother was my everything and then one day she was just gone and everything shifted in an unexpected instant. Thus began my life as a motherless daughter. The beginning of my journey of mourning the one I never truly got to know as I was left without even a memory. My whole life growing up wondering what could have been.

So excited to see these heartfelt words published on The Huffington Post. Click here to read the full article!


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